Why Home Study?

The Requirement

You wish to operate your own vehicles, or need to secure a managers position in a transport office - or perhaps you are just looking for a future position in HGV Logistics or Public Service Transport. You will need to obtain your Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC).

Photo of a person studying at home

The Problem

Obtaining your CPC required you having to take time off to attend training classes - trying to absorb a lot of information over a short period of time - sometimes attending classes after work when you are mentally and physiclly drained. Also the problem of incurring very expensive training fees.

The Solution

As long as you are self motivated and prepared to learn, there is an alternative method of obtaining your CPC: to study at home. You can study at a time and pace that is comfortable for you, and when you are confident, just book and sit the exams.

This Course

The Primo Marketing CPC4YOU home study course is supplied with the latest and current up-to-date information covering both National and International FULL Certificate.

The course material consists of a physical manual, a study syllabus sheet showing what to study and where it is in the manual - 2 CDs covering past exam papers, sample exam papers (Q&A), mock exam, examiners reports, student guide notes plus lots of relevent transport information. You also receive an audio CD with all the the major points from the course syllabus.

Ready to Buy?

Head over to our HGV Product page or PSV Product page to order your course, complete with bonus CDs.

Covershot of Primo Marketing's HGV Training Manual
Covershot of Primo Marketing's PSV Training Manual