PSV Course (Passenger Service Vehicles)

National and International Home Study CPC Course

Covershot of Primo Marketing's PSV Training Manual



  • Certificate of Professional Competence training for managing Passenger Service Vehicles (CPC PSV)
  • This is the CPC required when applying for a PSV Vehicle Operator's Licence

(Note: this is not a course for obtaining a driver's CPC. Our FAQs explain more.)

This is the latest, complete Home Study CPC Management Course for Passenger Transport and covers both the National and International aspects of the OCR syllabus.

Passing both exams will enable you to apply for a Vehicle Operator's Licence which covers operating vehicles in the UK and Europe.

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What's included? (PSV)

Complete CPC Training Package:

  • 338 page Home Study CPC Course Manual
  • 3 CDs:
    • Key Topics audio CD
    • Past exam papers and model answers BONUS CD
    • Case Studies BONUS CD
  • P1 & P2 Sample - Mock Exam (Questions & Answers)
  • CPC Training Syllabus (For Modules P1 & P2)
Covershot of Primo Marketing's PSV Training Manual
338 page Home Study CPC Course Manual
Covershot of Primo Marketing's Bonus PSV Training CDs
3 CDs: key topics, past exam papers and case studies
Covershot of Primo Marketing's PSV Training Manual
Covershot of Primo Marketing's Bonus PSV Training CDs

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Course Details / FAQs

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If you operate passenger vehicles with 9 or more seats for 'Hire and Reward' you will require an Operator's Licence.

To obtain thіs licence yоu must hold thе relevant Certificate оf Professional Competence (CPC) іn Passenger Transport qualification. An Operator's Licence іs required fоr hire and reward operations and а Restricted Operator's Licence is required fоr yоur own account.

If yоu wish tо operate fоr hire and reward, yоu wіll therefore require thе relevant Certificate оf Professional Competence. No CPC holder іs required if you only intend applying fоr а Restricted Operator's Licence.

See our article What is a CPC? for full information on Professional Competence and how this course can help you.

The syllabus will consists of two exams: one multiple choice assessment and one case study assessment.

These two elements will test you for both National and International knowledge and application, so taking and passing only two units will enable you to obtain a full National and International CPC.

This Home Study CPC Course covers training fоr thе new CPC examination.

See the PSV Exam Information page for dates, fees, and more details.

No - this CPC is for Transport Managers. The Government site has information on how to obtain a Driver's CPC.

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Bonus CD 1

Includes Sample Exam Papers for the Current Syllabus - P1 & P2 - and more...

  • Student general guide to CPC (18 pages)
  • Latest Examiners Report
  • Sample exam papers, Question and Answers from Previous Modules
  • Latest exam papers, covering the Case Study P2 Exam
  • ="column-2"> Covershot of Primo Marketing's Bonus PSV Training CDs

Bonus CD 2

Case Study Bonus CD

  • Covering Previous Case Studies Scenarios
  • Previous Examiners' Reports
  • Understanding National Passenger Transport Operation
  • Transport Information
  • Sample CPC PSV Questions and Answers from previous modules
Covershot of Primo Marketing's Bonus PSV Training CDs