PSV Exam Information


Certificate of Professional Competence in Passenger Transport (CPC PSV)

For the Operator's Licence - this is the Managers CPC, not the Drivers CPC.

CPC Examinations Table
Title Module Time Permitted
PSV Exams Multiple Choice Assessment
in Passenger Transport
P1 120 minutes
Case Study in Passenger Transport
Open Book Assessment
P2 135 minutes

Latest CPC PSV Examination Syllabus

The CPC Course Syllabus is divided into two modules (click button for more information):

National and International Assessment in Passenger Transport Operations

(60 multiple choice questions to be answered in 120 minutes. Pass mark is 70%)

Business and Company Law - Social Legislation - Budgets - Financial Management Techniques - Commercial Conduct of Business - Organisation Charts - General Insurance - Vehicle Maintenance & Roadworthiness - General Traffic Regulations - Vehicle Taxation - Fare, Pricing & Package Travel - Regulations - Marketing - Operator Licensing - Weights and Dimensions of Vehicles - Vehicle Selection - Vehicle Checks - Mechanical Condition - Driver’s Hours and Records - Vocational Driving Licences - Speed Limits Traffic Accident Procedure - Compensation Claims

Case Study Assessment in Passenger Transport Operations

(5 - 8 questions to be answered in 135 minutes. Pass mark is 50%)

Customs Documentation - Operational Costs - Working Time & Records - Driver’s Hours of Work & The Tachograph - Vehicle and Liability Insurance - Vehicle Costing - Route Planning - Technical Standards of Operating Licensing - Operating Passenger Services - Road Traffic Regulations - Package Travel Regulations

Note on updating from National to International Certificates:

Candidates who have achieved some OCR CPC units prior to 4th December 2011 will need to take the full new examinations.

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The OCR Examination - Dates and Fees

To gain your National & International CPC you must pass the relevant CPC examinations.

Next exam:

Will be on 12th March 2021


Scheduled Friday 11th June 2021

The exams are conducted at approved Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) examination centres, and are held four times a year in:

March, June, September, and December.

Candidates will receive a full certificate automatically once the required results are achieved. Certificates are normally issued with results 8 weeks after the examination date.

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OCR Exam Fees

Effective from 1st August 2020 fees are based on current OCR administrative procedures.

The following fees will be payable to your chosen exam centre:

OCR Exam Fees
Exam Module Cost
CPC – Multiple Choice Assessment in Passenger Transport Unit P1 £51.00
CPC – Case Study Assessment in Passenger Transport Unit P2 £72.75
Additional local administrative fees will be charged by the examination centres.

The OCR examinations are held at various locations throughout the UK. To find your nearest examination centre, you can telephone OCR Customer Service on 02476 851509 or 02476 496398.

When you are ready to take the exam, you can contact OCR Customer Service to book a place at the centre of your choice. They normally require about 6-8 weeks’ notice for exam bookings.

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