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International Aspect of the CPC

Prior to 2012 the CPC course comprised of two separate syllabuses and exams – one was for the CPC UK National Certificate and a separate one for the International Certificate.

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Syllabus Change of 2011

There have been changes to the syllabus for the Operator Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). These commenced following the changes made to the old syllabus on 4 December 2011. They now incorporate both National and International qualifications as one.

After 4th December 2011 the examinations changed to the new requirements for 2012.

As we are members of the EU (Excluding Brexit Outcome) it made sense that the syllabus and exam covered both National and International in one exam – R1 & R2 or P1 & P2.

The New Exam

The new exam consists of a single multiple-choice assessment and a single case study assessment. Both elements will test national and international knowledge/application. So, to achieve a new International CPC, candidates will only need to take two units.

Freedom of Movement within the EU

The Single European Market operates on the fundamental concept that EU citizens, goods, money and services should pass or be transacted freely across internal borders. EU citizens must carry their national passports, a provision that applies equally to transport drivers whose passports also provide suitable identification for other purposes such as to substantial traveller’s or euro cheque encasements and other payments.

This course covers full details on National and International Transport syllabus also including EU Road Layouts.

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